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04/27/2017 - Fresh Start - Reboot [2483]

Embrace a new lunar cycle that carries much light, speed, power, expansion, and joy. Do a reboot.

  • Go back in time prior to your arrival into this world.
  • Invite and imagine the Higher Self of you, your body deva, and Team gathering all of the resources that you will need for this upcoming incarnation.
  • Gather and embed your gifts, wisdom, and mastery. Hold your gifts on yourself.
  • Tones and light language to gather your resources.
  • Hold the qualities you intend inside yourself.
  • Imagine yourself fully equipped for this upcoming incarnation.
May you hold all of the resources you require in the higher realms.

Balance with the energy downloads

Sip on this third cup to find balance with energetic downloads.

Balance Electrical and Magnetic, Downloads, New Path

Sip on this second cup to balance your electrical and magnetic grids for the downloads and new path.


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peaceandquietoneVery healing, so much more expansive with headphones, especially liked the meditation about the crainiosacral fluids, crystaline structures in the joints, could feel little charges or openings as you made the invitation to allow the healing. Nice trio, body is pleased.10:32:25am
Recorded 09/14/2015
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