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03/22/2017 - Align, Link, and Leap Into the New Energy [2458]

Use today's cup to align, link, and embrace the new current of energy that is coming onto the planet at this time. The energy is light, quick, trans-formative, and awakening. Use today's cup to catch the way in a gentle, supportive, and graceful way.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Locate the current of light that is coming on to the planet at this time.
  • Invite your body to calibrate and align its energetic fields for this higher frequency and consciousness in a gentle, graceful, and supported way. 
  • Invite your Higher Self and Team to energetically locate, align, and calibrate your fields for this new stream of energy that is supportive.
  • Catch this wave in a controlled, supportive, and empowered way.
  • Move into this wave and let it gently propel you forward.
  • Embrace a higher consciousness that is more connected, empowered, and gently awakening.
  • Gently float into a higher dimensional plane while still expressing yourself here in the physical form.
  • Awaken to your multidimensional self in a gentle, balanced, and controlled way.

May you catch the wave of light that is coming onto the planet at this time in a way that gently awakens you in a supported way.




New Start - Reboot

Sip on this second cup if you feel like you need a reboot as we start a new cycle.


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Comments & Discussion

NadineBeautiful (toolbox)4:17:22pm
annienelson11I am soooo grateful for you Aleya 💕11:19:13am
MaryMcThank you, thank you for these meditations. I could feel the lifting and lightness even before the first one started, and afterwards, calm happiness. I had been trying a different cord-cutting meditation every night to gain balance from a fun but unhealthy new relationship; the second Reboot meditation helped me so much to reestablish my boundaries.4:43:17am
terriPerfect, as usual! Thank you!4:31:05am
Recorded 03/22/2017
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