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06/15/2018 - Reinvent Yourself For a More Supported, Connected, Joyous Way of Being [2795]

Use today's cup to reinvent yourself in a connected, supported, joyous way. We are moving into the season of enlightenment. As I feel into this season (summer in my world) I feel that this is the summer of enlightenment and awakening. Use the next three months to move slowly, be reflective, connect with your essence, and awaken to that divine and magical part of you.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Locate a higher dimension where you have the ability to retrieve all of your creative energy, wisdom, master, and support grids.
  • Invite your body and Team to do the same.
  • Retrieve all of your life force, creative currents, grids of support, gifts, wisdom, and mastery.
  • Bring these resources back to you.
  • Clear empathic challenges.
  • Sit in council with your Guides and advisers and reinvent yourself in a higher realm.
  • Tones and light language to help you gather your resources back on yourself.
  • Hold space as some part of your deeply reinvents yourself and how you express your wisdom and mastery.
May you embrace this season of awakening and reinvent yourself in an empowered, connected, & supported way.



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Comments & Discussion

JeannetteLovely 😊7:22:56am
villajwSo on my path as I am opening to being vs doing. Opening to my joy, my bliss, my creativity. As always a mega blessing. Thank you AleyaJune 15th 2018
AleyaThank you so much for your lovely feedback πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜€June 15th 2018
jeanadriennePerfect! Thanks so much Aleya!June 15th 2018
BeckyBeckWell said, PeaceandQuiet. *LOVE THIS!June 15th 2018
peaceandquietoneVery clear channeling so to speak, could so clearly see the reflection of where I am and where I want to be, your tonality and guidance riding on a very high level this morning, thank you Aleya and teams!June 15th 2018
Recorded 06/15/2018
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