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03/22/2018 - Happy Mercury Retrograde Set Your Intentions [2730]

Happy Mercury Retrograde. (Day 1) During Mercury Retrograde you have the opportunity to follow through with intentions, tasks, projects. The time pulse slows, patience increases, as does your ability to focus on details. Set your intentions for an incredibly productive cycle.

  • Think of the intentions you wish to hold for yourself over the next three weeks. What is it you wish to complete and accomplish?
  • Use the slow pulse of the energy of Mercury Retrograde to support you in engaging in your intentions.
  • Invite your Higher Self, Body Deva, and Team to receive your intentions that you are holding in your heart and mind at this time.
  • Invite those vibrational aspects of you to set up the grids, beliefs, desires, and resources to help you accomplish these intentions.
  • Hold a gentle awareness as that higher vibrational aspect of you sets up the energy.
  • Tones to help the grid work. (Listen with a good headset)
  • Invite Mercury (the planet) to send you the information that can help you engage in detail, complete, and accomplish tasks.

May you accomplish all your intentions during this potent cycle.



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handz4goddessVery thorough. Just what is needed.8:00:47am
terriExcellent! Thank you!3:56:01am
Recorded 06/06/2014
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