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Activating Your Desired Vibrations in Your Divine Line

Pulling from my book, The Seven Cups of Consciousness, sip on the 3rd cup today. Use the energy of the full Moon to manifest your intentions. Fill yourself with peace, calm, abundance, happiness, love, balance and so on. Let go of needing those energies externally. Activate the vibration of your intentions and divine plan in your divine line.

  • Pull yourself into your divine line on the front of your spine.
  • Travel up your divine line to your Higher Self.
  • Activate the vibration of your Soul's intentions and divine plan at the level of your Higher Self in your divine line.
  • Invite your Body Deva to travel down its divine line into a chamber in the heart of Earth, and activate the vibrations of its divine plan and intentions in its divine line.
  • Invite your Team to do the same.
  • Tones and light language to assist the activation of these vibration with the sacred trinity, your Higher Self, Body Deva, and Team.
May you hold the vibrations of what you desire in your divine line.


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User Comments

Most beautiful meditation today. Loved the bringing together of everything ... And I love the music. It was the first piece of music I heard of yours when I first started listening to you. It has always been a favorite of mine :) thank you for you constant support.
Nice meditation, I already re-ordered 3 books and I think I will order a couple more but not today. Thanks Aleya.
I ordered the book, yay! I guess the song was "As Time Stood Still", my sister Michele told me:-)
I love the background of Pachebel's song, I almost fell asleep, very relaxing!!
Powerful meditation!!
I will order the book today!!
Beautiful !!
Excellent! I can wait to get the book!

Recorded 08/03/2015