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Increase the Light Quotient in the Divine Line of the Body Deva

Use this cup to increase the light quotient of the divine line of your body. Increase support. This is a great meditation to help heal issues with the spine. This meditation also helps your body accelerate its process of self actualization.

  • Invite your body deva to energetically locate its divine line.
  • Activate the vibration of the essence in its divine line.
  • Balance the light in the divine line of the body.
  • Activate the sacred shape of the body's essence around itself in the higher realms.
  • Bring all the reference points back to its divine line.
  • Tones to help activate and increase the vibration of the essence of the body deva.
  • Invite your body deva to reference how its divine line is connected to the divine line of Earth.
  • Your body is an expression of Earth and is connected to all of the resources in this world.
  • Invite your body deva to activate the vibrations of all of the resources it needs in its divine line.
  • Increase support in the divine of the body deva.
This meditation is very altering. Use caution if operating heavy machinery during or after listening. Stay off your bulldozer for a wee bit. :)


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User Comments

Wonderful thanks, great assistance to me and loved the toning. Brought a smile to me as know a dog called 'Ooey'
That was great, loved the toning too. My body deva thanks you much as I'm putting her through her paces right now. Thanks from me too
Aleya, I just loved this one. It made me feel more in harmony with my body. Thank you.
Beautiful meditation! Thank you!
Aleya, Your toning feels good.
Felt that one alright. I feel on track now. Much better.Thank you.
Yes, it's Body Deva's time now. Thank you!
so happy :))

Recorded 08/06/2014