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Be Present to Find the Present

Use this Cup to slow down, re-invent the dream, envision the reality you desire, set intentions, and open to receive. If you intend to receive your heart's desires you need to be present to get the present. Use the energy of "presence" to open and be in the present, where magic happens.

  • Breathe yourself back into the present breath and slow down.
  • Breathe in through the nose and gather all of your energy from the future back to this breath of now.
  • As you inhale, breathe into the lower belly and allow it to expand.
  • Hold your inhale for just a moment and feel that divine connection.
  • On the exhale invite all the energy to travel up from the belly and release all toxic vibrations that no longer serve you.
  • Hold the conscious awareness that no matter how lost you may feel you are only one breath away from peace and connection. Inhale.
Only in the present can you receive the present.
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Beautiful guidance. Soothing and calm :) thank you :)
November 30th 2017
thank you Aleya, love this!!
November 30th 2017
Yes, yes, yes🙏
November 30th 2017
Thank You. Perfect. Needed this
November 30th 2017
Excellent exercise!
November 30th 2017