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Clear Discordant Ancestral Energy Off Your Roots

Use today's Cup to release discordant ancestral energy off your roots.

Your energetic roots also known as your magnetics are your energetic support structure.

When your roots are clean you have the ability to create and feel more support within.

This protocol can help you shift your sense of support.

  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to reference your roots.
  • Reference any limiting vibrations you are holding within and around your roots.
  • Return all discordant vibrations within and around your roots. 
  • Return all these discordant bundles, fragments, and responsibilities.
  • Send appropriate energetic information.
  • Use the light to clean your roots.
  • Light language to help you clean your roots.

Release discordant ancestral energy off your roots.

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June 4th 2024
Pwerful and perfect .
June 4th 2024
Perfect for today thank you- and yesterday’s was truly magnificent Aleya!! A “gem” about gems 💕
June 4th 2024
Noticing my root structure directly connected to my occipital. Thank you for this protocol. Very important work. I hope you have an amazing angel blessed day my friend ❤😇 much love to you
June 4th 2024