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Hold All Of Your Resources On You - Release Fatigue and Depression

Use this Cup to retrieve all of your resources and to hold them on you. Buoy yourself up using your own energy.


  • Think of all of the people in your life that you have supported.
  • Explore the possibility that you have given your resources to these people.
  • Take a moment to feel into those layers.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and team to begin retrieving all of your resources on you.
  • Re-embed your resources on you.
  • Release the fatigue and depression mechanism as a way of trying to retrieve your resources.
  • Use your inhale to pull yourself into your divine line.
  • Gather your resources off of everyone and everything.
  • Use your resources on you as you move in the world.
  • Toning to retrieve your resources.
  • (A little explanation of this concept.)
May you retrieve all of your resources and use them to lift yourself up.


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User Comments

This is so helpful in looking at depression differently. Thank you thank you Aleya!
This Cup spoke to me . It is a challenge for me to retrieve my resources. I will listen to this one more often
Thank You

Recorded 07/26/2019