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Move Your Dreams Into Divine Timing and Divine Order

Use this first Cup to move your dreams into divine timing and divine order. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are protocols and a sip about using your dream-time. Enjoy!

  • Energetically locate all your dreams, goals, and intentions.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to organize, sort, release, and embrace your dreams appropriately.
  • Bring your goals and dreams into divine timing and flow.
  • Tones to help organize and align your dreams with divine timing and divine flow.
  • Set up the grids, divine timing, order, and flow for your dreams, desires, and goals.
  • Sit in council with your advisers as you discern the dreams that are appropriate to embrace in divine timing and flow.

May your dreams help you soar in a joyous way.

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User Comments

Appreciate the added tidbits!! Very good, very good! :-)
Loved all of it! Whales especially and the last information snippet.
These are fabulous, Aleya! Thank you!
Thank you for your give us the tools to awaken and shift in a clear way and at an affordable price ....I.e. making your wisdom available to all....I am grateful......I am impressed.....horay for you and what you do!!!
Excellent collection! Using these in the morning is a good way to set up to listen again, tonight as I hit the hay. Thank you.

Recorded 09/30/2015