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Recalibrate Your Roots, Feet, and Magnetics

Ground and recalibrating your roots with this Cup to strengthen and stabilize your magnetic fields and roots. (This is a perfect Cup to release money fears and support issues.)


  • Invite your body to connect with its magnetics, roots, base chakra, and feet chakras.
  • Gently release the old magnetic roots and grids.
  • Weave new roots from your base chakra and feet chakras.
  • Tones to assist you in releasing the old roots and weaving new roots.
  • Take a moment to weave a new root magnetic system that completely supports the body.
  • Balance and stabilize.
May you move into a more supported stance in each breath.

For greater support, get the  TALL Cup
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You can tell this is new.
Great toning and beautiful background music. You really hit some strong peaceful tones!
I need this today, listening 3x so far. Beautiful!
Also so very timely for me today, thank you :)
Wow! Beautiful Aleya!! Thank you!!
Beautiful ?new?. Music!
Lisa C.

Recorded 09/06/2019