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7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help manifest your intentions. Create greater abundance in all areas of your life.

Remove Obstacles with Ganesha

Ganesha can help us clear blocks that prevent us from manifesting our intentions. Prior to embarking on any big project Ganesha is invoked to hold vigil and assist in clearing the blocks during the journey/project/manifestation. As you dream big and dive deep, get an extra hand from an incredibly powerful and loving being. More about Ganesha.

  • Connect with Ganesha in the higher realms.
  • Locate the energetic blocks that are preventing you from manifesting your intentions.
  • Clear the blocks that are held in your chakra systems.
  • Transform the blocks into flow, motivation, discipline, and commitment.
  • Gently dissolve the blocks with tones. GANESHA definitely came through during the toning...the toning on this one is markedly different. Very intense, very deep, and powerful in it's ability to clear the blocks. 
  • Clear the blocks in the higher realms.
  • Reflect that clearing to you in the physical realm.
May you feel the assistance of Ganesha as your blocks dissolve.


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Jan louise Evans
My New Year is so special, especially because of all of this careful balance I find with meditations...

Thanks so much Aleya...
January 6th 2012