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Chakra Healing and Cleaning with Tones

Do you feel energetically gooey (a highly technical term)?

Use this Cup to balance, clean, and clear your chakras with powerful tones. 

This track is all toning and has a very medicinal and potent vibration. 

Feel free to tone along with this one as it moves from the base chakra all the way to the 7th.

Notes - C- 1st, D - 2nd, E - 3rd, F - 4th, G - 5th, A - 6th, B - 7th chakra.


Use caution if you listen to it while driving. 


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Comments & Discussion

This is such a great meditation! I try to listen to it once a week just to keep my chakras clean and healthy! Thank you so much for doing this!
July 7th 2013
Love This! So Powerful. Aleya, Thank you for sharing your truly amazing gifts. :)
April 11th 2013
Thank you.Gratitude and love waves your way:)
March 9th 2013
Simply Powerful,,,,!!!!
March 8th 2013
Did I just hear you say 'new CD'? Woooooohoooooo! I just listened again...Aleya, your voice is perfection! Absolutely AMAZING! Buzzzzzzzzzzz! Kim
March 8th 2013
Ahhhhhh! Spectacular! I didn't get to listen until last night L A T E...but, WOW!
Before I even go to my inbox for todays Cup I am listening to this again! Kim
March 8th 2013
ahhhhh! Loved every second of body most of all. We're experiencing quite the flu and this is just the thing we both needed to reorient ourselves to ourselves. Thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to your collection :)
March 7th 2013
Wow, my whole body is buzzing! What a relief after all the goo. Can't wait for the new CD.
March 7th 2013
This was really great. I feel more energetically clean throughy whole body. Vert. Syncronistic too as my body really needed some healing and balancing. Thanks so much for massaging this. One of my favorites. heather
March 7th 2013
Thank you so much Aleya ! I really needed this , this week as been a roller coaster of emotional"angry goo and peaceful breaks " in between...Thank you for everything !!
March 7th 2013
Love, Love, Love! Extremely Powerful! Thank you Aleya!!
March 7th 2013
Next week I will be releasing the healing tones collection - and this song will be on it. Stay tuned. So glad you all love it! Aleya
March 7th 2013
Amazing! Extremely clearing! Will this be on any future CDs?
March 7th 2013
:-) just what I needed to calm and quiet myself today.....
March 7th 2013
AMAZING SOUNDS ... I am tingly ALL over and levitating with all those beautiful sounds! WOW
March 7th 2013
This is going in my ipod....I love it!
March 7th 2013
Incredible!!! Just what I needed at this time. Thank you Aleya!!!!!
March 7th 2013
March 7th 2013
Love it and so timely. I will be keeping this one handy for future listening
March 7th 2013