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Feeling Your Angels

Recapture the innocence and joy of a child. 

This meditation and song is designed for children. It feels like we need a kindergarten day with nap time and snacks, as well as time to feel the angelic realm. As veils between the realms dissolve, heightened awareness of all sounds from all realms can occur. When a veil dissolves a mist appears which creates an energetic fog. This fog can feel very disorienting and cause anxiety and insomnia.

We do not generally do well when we cannot energetically hear or see clearly. Bring the angelic realm of love and light around you to support you as the veils dissolve and the fog banks appear.

May you feel your angels as they surround you with love and light.

This one is very gentle and subtle. Great for children.


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Comments & Discussion

thank you so much! I felt such an uplifting of perfect energy in such a subtle, gentle way. I felt more hopeful and confident, and at peace.
I am glad you will record the conference call for tonight as I am not able to call in.
October 3rd 2011
This is exactly how I am feeling, like I need a nap and a snack today. Wasn't sure if I should try to be productive or just succumb to some R&R. R&R wins, thanks Aleya.
October 3rd 2011