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Listen to Aleya's music, sound healing, and light language songs.

Get Grounded Instead of Exhausted - Toning

Use sweet deep tones to ground. Release the irritation, frustration and fatigue. Find a deep calm and inner anchor. If we are grounded we will experience less of the fatigue.

If you do experience the fatigue, surrender to it and allow some other part of you to know. The example I am shown is the image of a computer downloading 5 new programs, and when you try to get the computer to respond to a bunch of different commands during the download it is much slower response. Thus the fatigue and odd slow motion experience. Same, same.

  • Tones for grounding and centering.
  • Release irritation and frustration.
  • Bring in new grids of orientation.

May you enjoy the download with lots of hot cups of tea, or ice tea, depending on where you are in the world.

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Comments & Discussion

This was so relaxing and calming --- what a beautiful piece. Thank you.
December 10th 2011
Just what I needed today. Toning was very powerful. You are doing tremendous work!!
December 9th 2011
Cheryl Reyes
That was so beautiful and exactly what I needed! Aleya, when I first experienced your presence in a toning concert, I remember thinking that I was home and also being so amazed that you are a real person. It baffles me that something can seem so otherwordly and yet feel like home. Thank you.
December 9th 2011
Linda Mc
Aleya Dao's voice is heavenly, and listening to her always brings
a sense of calm and joy. I play her music in the evening to help
me relax, and many times have fallen asleep to the tones.
I love receiving them in my mailbox, and look forward
to the wisdom and energy that is in each and every one.

December 9th 2011
Charles Taylor
December 9th 2011