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Connect with Your Divine Spark in the Heart of Source

Use this Cup to connect with your divine spark in the heart of Source/the Divine. This Cup can help you increase your connection with your essence which increases clarity and vitality.

  • Take a deep breath in and hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Attach your divine line to the front of your spine.
  • Invite your Higher Self to travel up your divine line to your spark in the heart of Source.
  • Feel your spark in the heart of Source.
  • Feel into qualities you yearn for more. Happiness, joy, clarity, courage, determination...
  • Invite your Higher Self at the level of your divine spark to activate and amplify those qualities in your divine spark.
  • Reflect these qualities to you in this realm.
  • Gather your resources at the level of your divine spark.
  • (A little explanation about this concept, god, divine, source, and your divine spark.)
May you connect with your divine spark and amplify supportive qualities.


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User Comments

What a powerful meditation. I felt a huge shift and am just revelling in the feeling of love and oneness.
Thank you Aleya,
I saw perfect, beautiful, and strong myself there... feeling l finally came to a different world. I'll change the relationship with my own self. Thank you, Aleya!!
I feel expanded and so much love for myself and really every other spark too! Yummy!
Love, love, love this! Thank you so much!
Oh yeah ... I have SO many resources!! At a time when I need them greatly I had forgotten. Thank you fir giving me this opportunity to get a sense of them again ❤️
Karen C
I loved today's cup and the talk you had at the end. It makes sense to me and helps me feel less stress. Thanks for your perspective! It helps me understand:-)
I love this it is how I perceive this as well. Thank you for so perfectly describe our sparks
How does today's cup feel for you? Aleya

Recorded 08/02/2019