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Increase Support in Your Teams

This Cup is an uper-duper Cup. It is all about focusing on helping your Teams move their energy into a dimension that is very supportive, and holding empowering vibrations inside themselves which positively impact you.

  • Invite your Higher Self to connect with your Team.
  • Invite your Team to locate a higher dimension that matches their vibration and consciousness, and is empowering and supportive.
  • Encourage your Team to move all of their grids and energy into this higher dimension.
  • Invite your Body's Team to morph into the appropriate Nature Spirit that matches their higher consciousness that they have evolved into.
  • Invite your Team to activate supportive and empowering vibrations inside themselves.
May your Teams hold supportive and empowering vibrations inside themselves and positively impact you.

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User Comments

Brilliant, will be listening to this one for awhile, thank you Aleya💜
Listened to this the past few days over and over ...think we got it now :)
Thank you Aleya !
This is beautiful, listened 4 times and will save for future use. So interesting to know about how our teams can evolve and morph plus move up to create 1000 times support with new grids in the higher realms!
It felt like all of my teams teams teams were infinity mirrors through dimensions. Very strong emotions. Wow Thank you
So good! Really have been looking for more support for my teams during this time. Thank you, Aleya ❤️
Spot on! Clean, clear I’m smiling and every one else is to.
So much good stuff that I had to listen to it twice.
Really liked this one! Very magical and creative. Thanks for reminding us how important our teams are. It feels so right to include every one to become more whole.

Recorded 04/18/2018