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Strengthen Your Team

Use this Cup to help your Team hold a more supportive energy and buffer. You have a Team of beings that surround you. Your body also has a Team of etheric Nature Spirits. The more supported your Team the more supported you will be.


  • Invite the Higher Self of you and your body to connect with your Teams.
  • Invite your Teams to reference their mastery, gifts, and passion.
  • Invite your Team to gather all of their resources back on themselves.
  • Invite your Team to move to the appropriate dimension that supports their current level of consciousness.
May your Team support and buffer you as they hold a supportive energy inside themselves.


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User Comments

Thank you! When you suggested they move UP into a realm I heard a big Oh! With gleeful surprise 🌹
Karen C
WOW....... I so needed this ... feeling wonderful :)
Love this! Felt very strong afterwards! Thank you Aleya!

Recorded 08/07/2019