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Activation of Wisdom and Mastery and Self Love

Use this healing sound bath to weave the fabric of your mastery and gifts around you. Increase self-love and appreciation for your gifts and unique perspective. The more you receive your gifts the more you are received in the world.


  • Allow for an activation of your wisdom and mastery.
  • Weave a vibrational fabric of your mastery around you.
  • Let it protect, buffer, support you, and keep you clean and clear.
  • Open your energetic receptors to receive your gifts, and use them for you.
  • Value your gifts. Be in awe of you.
  • Acknowledge how many lifetimes it took you to cultivate your gifts, wisdom, and unique perspective.
May you weave the vibrational fabric of your gifts around you and model that in the world.

I love your feedback. What did you experience while listening to this Cup?


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User Comments

I particularly loved this cup! Loved the piano tune, the words. It brought clarity, insights and wisdom. Thank you Aleya! Es o, this came to me during the meditation several times. Don't know what it says or means, but it wanted to spoken out loud.
donna r
Deep graditude and appreciation for this cup. So tender, loving and supportive. Gentle tears are flowing. Thank you Aleya!
Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. 🙏🏻 Aleya
Tears..always means good stuff :)
Had to listen twice back to back, first time I "felt" the composer, a masculine energy in the background, strong gentle supportive. Also experienced swirling, or something like infinity symbol movement in my 2nd chakra. Second listening flew by, almost trance like, had called in specific presences for specific intention so I was focusing on that. Was more able to center on bringing gifts into my divine line, but had the question, what if I don't know what they are, where are they? Just let the vibration expand, beyond the mind, then felt the expansion vibrationally.
This meditation was perfect--timely. I have been asking my spiritual entourage to model wisdom. I felt enveloped by the sounds of the music and your voice. Hypnotic. Thank you.

Recorded 04/22/2019