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An Energetic Process for Healing Relationships with Others

Use this Cup to heal your relationships with others. Clean up your relationships. This Cup is a great process to begin that healing.


  • Hold your awareness in the present moment and in your divine line.
  • Think of one person or several people that you are in relationship with that needs healing between you and them.
  • In a higher realm invite the Higher Self of you, your body and Team to sit in counsel with this person and with angelic counselors who can help your heal the energy between you and this other person.
  • Return fragments, responsibilities, attachment, and dissolve unhealthy cords with this other person.
  • Explore the lessons, allow for the activation of the vibration of the spiritual lesson in the divine line.
  • Open lines of communication between you and this other person.


May you allow for a deep healing between yourself and another.



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Loved the healing chambers request and continued work in the higher realms!
Wonderful. Thank you for the feedback. Aleya
Wow - so beautiful! I could feel the deep healing starting. I love this and am sure I will be using this again! Thank you Aleya!

Recorded 04/24/2019