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Angels Ears Sound Healing

Use today's cup to clean and open your energetic ears and the ears of your heart. Today is all about the energetic ears and the ears of the heart. 

This first cup is a sound bath of gentle toning and literally the tones of the angelic realm. Many years ago, the very first time I was in a recording studio the angelic realm came thur for 5 seconds. We recorded their sound while I was breathing getting ready to tone. 

This cup has the angelic tones, rain, me humming, birds singing, and a sweet guitar melody. The combination of these tones clear the ears and open the heart. I also layered a little toning and light language in which activates your energetic ears and heart. The effect triggers an increase in your ability to hear energetic messages that come in from your Higher Self and your Team, and your guides.

This cup can also cause a release of emotions, so be gentle with yourself if you feel waves of emotion moving through you pushing you to higher ground.


May you hear from your heart in each breath.


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Wonderful and enchanting. My heartfelt deep gratitude to you Aleya, for all the beautiful ways you help us to expand the love in ourselves and in the world. 💗 🦄
Beautiful. I am grateful for you and your gifts of weaving the daily cups into melodic powerful portals for our gifts to flow through. Like the angels I sing a song of gratitude for you!

Recorded 02/15/2019