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Balance Electrical and Magnetic Energy - New Door and Path

This first Cup is to help balance your electrical and magnetic energy that help you locate a new door and path as you receive energetic downloads. Any time there are big, swirling energetic downloads, the energy bundles can cause dizziness and/or headaches. Use this Cup to assist you to locate and move forward in a more connected, loving, conscious, and empowered way in your life.

  • Balance the energetic electrical and magnetic energy within all of your chakra systems as you receive energetic information.
  • Process the energetic bundles of information at the level of your Higher Self (not the mind.)
  • Tones to assist the balancing and processing of the energetic information.
  • Locate the new door and path that is opening for you at this time.
  • Beyond this new door there is greater energetic support, love, support, flow, connection, expansion, and joy.
  • Invite some part of you to journey in this direction.
  • Open and align to this new doorway and direction.

May you gently balance and process the your energetic bundles for your new path at the level of your Higher Self.

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Day 3 and I still have a headache. I have been doing this cup every day. Any other suggestions?

Recorded 04/13/2015