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Balance Your Timing

Use this Cup to be in a balanced state and in divine timing. Dimensions are merging. This sweet Cup helps to access the present moment in perpendicular-time. Balance and align your timing. Increase internal connection, strengthen magnetics, and come into the present moment. Being in the moment is essential. When you are in the present you do not fragment when you get hit by big energetic waves of light, when dimensions merge.

  • Locate all of the mechanisms you use to reference point time.
  • Recalibrate all of the ways in which you reference point time.
  • Bring all your reference points for time back into the current breath of now.
  • Access perpendicular time where we only have this very breath, this very moment.
  • Feel the vertical movement of time, not in front or behind but inside, above, and below.
  • Imagine moving vertically in the world and feeling the pulse of time vertically.
  • Be supported by your past from below and feel the support from you in the future from above.

May you find the flow of time above and below and feel the support of you in the future and the past.

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Timeless advice. No pun intended. I like the ideas you presented

Recorded 03/01/2011