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Calibrate Your Ears for a Higher Vibration

Use this Cup to align your ears to a higher vibration that is more coherent, connected, calm, clean, and clear. We are getting lots of energetic downloads. When this happens it amplifies your electrical grids. This makes the ears, adrenals, and kidney's more sensitive. If you have been feeling very "sound sensitive" lately this is a perfect Cup.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Connect with your energetic ears, crystalline structures around your ears, and your listening mechanisms.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to bring in sounds, color, and light that can help you clean your energetic ears.
  • Tones to clean and clear the ears of all discordant vibrations and sounds.
  • Calibrate your ears and the crystalline structures around your ears for a higher vibrational realm that holds coherent, harmonic sounds of purity, clarity, discernment, love, peace, and calm.
  • Listen for energetic information in that higher realm and hear from a magical place that is positive, rich, and coherent.
  • Light language activation to help calibrate your ears to this higher realm.

May you align your energetic ears to a harmonic coherent realm.

This cup can cause a little swirling in your fields as you clear and realign yourself. 
(Use caution if walking or driving while listening to this one.)


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I always listen to each Cup three times in a row. With this Cup, I noticed the physical Body reacting in different ways. The second time, my throat expanded and contracted independently during toning. The third listen, nostrils flared during light language, as well as the heart and chest feeling wide open. My cat kept coming to lay on my chest, and purred deeply. My ears are still ringing! Thank you so much, Aleya!
I am grateful for this support at this time. Namasté
Thank you so much for the feedback. Love it. Aleya
Good thing I was laying down for this one,
so much energy was moving through me my legs were jumping all around.
lol very cool !

Recorded 12/14/2018