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Clean the Third Eye, the Third Chakra, and Increase Psychic Space

Use this Cup to get clean and clear, and re-orient with a fresh perspective.

  • Energetically locate the dimensional realm where you have psychic space, breathing room, peace, and stillness.
  • Imagine a higher vibrational realm where you have all the time and stillness that you need to gain clarity, and to breathe.
  • Gently clean and clear the back of your third eye of all vibrations, cords, and projections that are not yours, off the back of the third eye.
  • Spin the third chakra and third eye in a counterclockwise direction to clean and clear.
  • Spin and activate the energy centers in a clockwise direction to activate an empowered perspective.
Increase clarity as you reorient yourself and your path.


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Recorded 08/21/2012