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Dissolve the Heavy Veil of Limitation

Release the heavy energetic veil. Allow it to lift up and out. Avoid disorientation and checking yourself into a funny farm by referencing the direction of the heavy, "crazy" energy. It can go UP and OUT. Let it go.

  • Energetically locate the heavy veil that is releasing off the planet.
  • Reference point the direction of this veil. It is lifting up and out.
  • Activate the light of your essence to pierce the veil and release it off of all aspects of your being.
  • Bring in a sacred shape that has the capacity to dissolve this veil and allow for the release.


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Felt lighter and lighter as if a great heaviness was being lifted, at ease with the releasing, a very wonderful feeling! Thank you Aleya, your calming voice is beautiful!
Big 5 Star!
wow,,, I feel like I have a direct line to helpers because I saw the heading and read the description and it was spot on for what the 24 hours needed. :)
AWESOME! Felt this one right away! :) Thank you for sharing your gifts Aleya! Namaste

Recorded 04/26/2013