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Equinox - Balance and A New Beginning

Happy Equinox, coupled with the Full Moon, and Mercury Retrograde. This is a power-packed day. Use this first Cup to move into greater balance as you start a fresh, new cycle from an empowered, centered, balanced, and aligned place. Equinox is a time to find your balance point, stillness, inner peace, and to amplify that energy within you, so that it has the capacity to support you as you begin a new cycle. 

  • Pull yourself into your divine line.
  • Invite your guides and advisers to activate the vibration of balance and clarity in their divine lines.
  • Invite your Team and your body deva to work with their energetic fields to cultivate greater balance and clarity in their divine lines.
  • Retrieve all of your anchor's, orientation points, how you reference yourself, and how you support yourself externally, and bring all of your anchors and your reference point's back to the divine line of you, your body deva, and Team.
  • When you anchor internally and reference point yourself internally you move in a centered and balanced way.
  • Energetically open internally and vertically to receive these supportive qualities that flow within you.
  • Calibrate your path as you begin this new cycle to reflect and magnetically draw to you the qualities you hold within that are supportive, inspiring, and gently awakening.
Happy Equinox! May you being this new cycle in a balanced and supported way.

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How Lovely to embrace the new season and let go of old paths! Thanks!

Recorded 03/20/2017