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Receive Your Own Gifts and Serve In a Bigger Way

It takes 1 person to shift the consciousness of 10,000. Be the 1.
Use this triple shot of yummy Cups to change the world.
Use the first Cup to give to yourself your own gifts and model that energy in the world, increase your own ability to receive, and then serve by modeling right energy in your being. When we open to receive our own gifts that we have acquired in all of our lifetimes we move into a greater position of positive influence in the world.

Move into gratitude to receive and then use your own gifts, which will in turn help others find their own gifts. The world then becomes a more co-creative reality instead of a co-dependent one.

  • Locate all of your tools, mechanisms, grids, templates, and vibrations of your spiritual wisdom, mastery and Soul's gifts.
  • Bring all of those vibrations and tools back to you and calibrate them for you.
  • Send all appropriate information to those for whom you were holding your tools.
  • Bring your awareness into your own heart.
  • Choose to hold your gifts in your own field and to use them for you and model right energy in the world.
  • Send all relevant and appropriate information to the Higher Selves of humanity.
  • Allow yourself to receive the information that will help you move to your highest potential.

May you receive your gifts into every fiber of your being so that you can show others how to receive their own gifts into the depths of their being.



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The Early Years
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User Comments

This bundle is such a beautiful gift, Thank you for creating and sharing these. Powerful, Potent and Efficient. Much Love and Gratitude!
Happy Holidays! Holding much love, light, and magic, and gratitude. Thank you!!!! Thank you for your feedback, love, light, and creating such beautiful ripples that gently awaken the world. Much love, Aleya
The third meditation is amazing 😉
Thank you Aleya so very much for this bundle of gifts. I so loved the end of the first cup where we send information to all of humanity and to model how to revive our gifts. Best present ever! Much love and gratitude on this day of celebration. ❤️🙏🏻✨

Recorded 11/25/2010