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Responding to Another's Criticism

As our heart opens and we move into more sensitive waters we can get triggered by other people's criticism. Use this Cup to react to someone's criticism in a more empowered way, without the hurt or anger. There is the saying "the darkest hour before the dawn." If you are feeling out of sorts, hang in there. Use all your tools, keep your head down, your force-fields up, compassion high, and sit tight, this too shall pass...

  • Energetically locate the bundle of critical energy that was sent your way.
  • Invite your Higher Self to unpack this bundle and to examine this energy and to determine what is truly being asked for in this moment.
  • Release the negativity and projection.
  • Extract that which is truly needed.
  • Release this person from any responsibility that you may have given them to help you evolve into a more conscious vibration.
  • Energetically understand where this person is coming from.
  • Return all responsibilities that you are holding for them in a co-dependent way.
  • Hold your awareness of your true self in your own divine line.
This protocol is a Toolbox Tool. Keep in your toolbox for a moment when you need it, if not today.

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I listened late last night (early a.m.)...and WOW, did that hit home! I have someone that does that to me on a regular basis...using me to vent on and always grilling me like I've done something wrong. I often feel like I have to lie to this person just so I don't get a barrage of anger going. Well, after this Cup, I was given such a great answer to this situation that I jumped up to write it down (lest I forget it by morning!). So please add some extra stars for me to this one! As always, thank you Aleya and Team! Love, love, love!!!! Kim
This one really helped with past criticisms coming back to haunt me during this time of feeling depressed and 'what's the point?' oppressiveness. Excellent!

Recorded 05/29/2013