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Stay in the Eye of the Storm When Those Around You Are Struggling

When the flow of life gets choppy, the wisest stance to hold is stillness and to sit in the eye of the storm. Use this Cup to move into stillness when others around you are in a storm. 

  • Energetically scan everyone around you and their challenges.
  • Explore the possibility that you are streaming your psychic and creative energy into their fields trying to fix and support them, but it depletes you.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to retrieve all of your grids, psychic energy, and creative energy back on you.
  • Wrap your own vibrational fabric around you which helps you move into a place of stillness.
  • Hold stillness and vigil for those who are in their storm.

May you be in the eye of the storm, witness, hold vigil, and compassion for those who are in a storm at this time.

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Aleya, I am grateful for today's timely cup. Namasté
Powerful! In perfect timing! Thank you...
donna r
Thank you for the feedback. :)Love it. Aleya
Excellent topics and protocol! Thanks so much! Yes
Very helpful my deepest gratitude !

Recorded 02/22/2019