Balance and Calm

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find balance, calm and connection.

Balance the Body During Energetic Surges and Downloads

Use this Cup to help your body increase in electrical energy and its magnetics. 

This Cup is perfect when there are big energetic electrical surges coming onto the planet. The body is exposed to greater electrical energy. When your body gets these electrical surges the body can become imbalanced. Some of the symptoms are anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and immune disturbances, like the flu, a cold, digestive upset, or old issues surface. As you increase and balance the body's electrical energy and magnetic fields, the symptoms dissolve.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your body deva to amplify it's magnetic grids.
  • Encourage your body to expand its roots.
  • Infuse supportive, empowering, balancing energy into its roots.
  • Invite your body to bring in energetic filters that helps it get these surges while maintaining balance.
  • Bring in sacred shapes, sounds, and light to balance it's electrical and magnetic energy.
  • Balance the electrical and magnetic energy in the divine cosmic loop of you and your body.
  • Another strategy is to encourage your body to take the form of a tree in a higher realm.
Also...when the body feels these electrical surges old issues can surface. Use today's 2nd Cup to clear any unhealthy behaviors that are surfacing.
May your body move into a balance state as it receives surges of electrical energy and energetic downloads.


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Comments & Discussion

Hi Aleya, is this why my body gets electrical shocks when I touch something? It's not all the time nor every day but it sure stings when I get shocked.
July 23rd 2018
These cups are so on the spot for me. As I arrive at the office everyone is harried and I feel grounded and smooth. So so so grateful. Thank you Aleya for your service work and sharing it with us all especially when the rest of most of humanity is “losing” it.
July 23rd 2018
Perfect! Just what I needed. Thank you. Love, Alannah
July 23rd 2018