Balance and Calm

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find balance, calm and connection.

Expand Base Chakra for Abundance and Calm & Point In Your Desired Direction

Use this 1st Cup to expand your base chakra and get grounded. Have you been feeling restless, anxiety, insomnia, clenching jaw, weird feelings in the base chakra? Get your feet back on the ground.


When I recorded this one I went into a very altered state. It has a kick to it. You will feel the kick at 6min 25seconds. Do not do this one while driving. This meditation will help expand and clean the base chakra will will create a state of calm and a deep inner support.

  • Use your breath and Higher Self to expand and clean your base chakra.
  • Tones to expand and clean the base chakra.
  • Infuse higher vibrations into the base chakra and link it into the higher vibrational template you have been creating in the higher realms for the last three months.
  • Sit in stillness and allow the expansion and increase in your magnetics /roots occur.
The more grounded you are, the higher a vibration you can hold.



Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

Triple Shot of Potent Magic Recalibrations... Thank you!!
January 13th 2019
I was not able to listen to Tall Cups last night and so far the replay has not come been come through
Have listened to the first two Cups.... excellent ...
June 5th 2018
Wonderful follow up for last nights tall cup. The tightly wound up energy unraveled after last nights tall cup journey. Thank you so much Aleya and guides for finding the answer I couldn’t find!
June 5th 2018
Really loved the music at the end of the third meditation . They are all perfect! 😊
June 5th 2018
Aleya, these were most excellent meditations. I cld really ho deep. I love all that you do. Much love. Joanie
June 5th 2018
Nice trifecta of support. It’s needed as I prepare to move to another house I waver between solid connection with my higher self to the lows of mini me stressing and entertaining worry. Gosh physical life is a roller coaster I am sure your tall cup was great but it was too late and I had to go to bed. The replay will be helpful. I am sure. Peace to all especially ME
June 5th 2018