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Amplify The Quality You Value Most In Your Divine Line

Energetic Update: Energetic downloads are increasing.

If you are not sitting in a warm cave talking to a wall you may feel an increase in stress and low emotional elasticity. LOL ;)

When energetic downlods increase it gobbles up your energetic bandwidth. These downloads are going to increase as we prepare for the astrological and energetic alignment on 12-12, and then another one a few days later, and then the biggie on 12-21-20.

This Cup can help you align yourself for the energetic activations.

Take time to ponder the quality you value the most at this time.  Increase the current of that vibration within you. That vibration then gets amplified when there is an energetic activation. 
This Cup can also help you increase inner support, clarity, and calm.

How does this Cup feel? Let me know in the comments, I love your feedback!

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Ponder what quality you value most at this time in your journey. Example: Clarity, purity, strength, freedom, joy, resilience, integrity.
  • Light language activation.
  • Pick one quality.
  • Amplify that quality in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Reference how this quality IS your power.

May you deeply ponder the quality you value most and to amplify this quality in your divine line.

The TALL Cup on Monday was crazy good!

For extra, deeper support, get the  REFLECT AND RELEASE REGRET TALL Cup session all about reflecting, releasing regrets, and healing the past, so that you can start 2021 with a fresh, strong, positive stance

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Comments & Discussion

Goodness! This is wonderful and so very supportive! Thank you, Aleya!
December 12th 2020
Wonderful. Thank you!!!
December 9th 2020
Wow, another crazy good ... happening everywhere! Started Saturday with the Empathic support group ... then Monday with the Tall Cup and then the daily vips this week . Every morning before I even start the Cup, the tears start flowing . So much support and guidance .. thank you so much Aleya and everyone else who is sitting up on the Mesa with me in the higher realms !
December 9th 2020