7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find clarity in all areas of your life. Find direction and purpose.

Cleanse the Third Eye and Pull Out of the Lower Realms

Clear all of your perception mechanisms. Instead of holding your awareness in lower vibrational realms, shift your awareness to a higher dimensional realm. Clear your third eye and ears of the drama. This is a great one to use after watching the news, a bad movie, or T.V.

  • Energetically locate your third eye, energetic ears, and all of your perception mechanisms.
  • Infuse the vibration of connection to the divine infuse into all of your perception mechanisms.
  • Tones to clean and clear the third eye, and ears.
  • Invite your Higher Self and you from the future as an Ascended Master to pull all of your energy out of the lower dimensional realms, and invite your Team to do the same.
I invite you to ponder unplugging your T.V. today...and for the rest of your life!
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To the Mercury Retrograde support that started with the most recent Tall Cups. I have been letting go of lots of things in the physical realm, and relishing in this powerful time. I appreciated the extra boost and tutorial leg-up from this daily meditation.
July 24th 2012