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Grounding During the Dimensional Merge - Toning

Are you feeling "altered?" If so, you might be literally holding awareness in multiple realms simultaneously. This can be confusing, or for some, kind of fun. 

This cup will help you navigate in a clear way during a shift. It is a toning song that cleans and clears the 1st and 2nd chakra, and increases your ability to ground. I also felt called to share just tones, because when words are spoken it engages the mind, which in turn takes us out of our "feeling" state. Less words and more tones. Feel free to tone along.


Audio Sample


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Wow, that was the most inspiring grounding toning yet. My tiny Yorkie ran and climbed on my lap to listen and her ears kept twitching. She loved it, and so did I. I will use this during my massages. Thanks so much. Your voice is amazing! Love Hannah
October 21st 2012
loved this yesterday and back for more this morning. LOVE it! Funny, I didn't look at the picture until now. Reminded me of the moment when I was in Victoria B.C., and went for a walk through a park and saw this amazing red cedar , pretty old , young for cedars, and went and did exactly what the picture is doing. Thanks for the reminder to go back to that tree even when I live in the desert now. :)
October 20th 2012
((❤)) xoxo
October 19th 2012
Just loved this and really enjoyed the tones. Thank you!
October 19th 2012
I had the clearest vision of my body deva like a elemental breaking out of a shell or covering, comparing t
A catapiller into a butterfly . I feel so good, joyful and happy would be my altered state. My deva was a faerie look not.a butterfly. Lol. Awesome meditation thank you.
October 19th 2012
October 19th 2012
What an incredible opening in my lower back...a feeling of being not only open, but also supported, safe and strong. I did this week's Gaia meditation before listening to this meditation, and so it felt like both Gaia and I were swaying to the music.
October 19th 2012
less words i mean x
October 19th 2012
words and more tones, is good feeling, thanks a needed helper you know how much i love...
October 19th 2012