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Happy New Year 2014 and New Moon

Happy New Year 2014 and Happy New Moon!

Celebrate the New Year and share this cup for free with the ones you love who you think will resonate with today's cup. A gift to give today!

2014 is all about navigating a sweet, connected, Nature filled energetic terrain. Use the energetic weather today to align your intentions, energies, and inner compass for the direction that has the capacity to serve you from your greatest happiness and highest potential.

  • Energetically locate all of the crystalline structures within and around your heels.
  • Gently clean and clear all of the crystalline structures within and around your heels.
  • Release all paths, templates, grids, and projection of others off your heels.
  • Locate the path, directions, intentions, and goals that have the capacity to support you.
  • Invite your Team to locate their higher vibrational potential and to align all of their energies for that highest vibrational frequency they have the capacity to embody.
  • Discern that direction in the higher realms.
  • Calibrate, align, and infuse the crystalline structures within and around your heels for that path.
  • Tones to help this energetic shift.
  • Align all of the crystalline structures for you, your Body, and Team for this higher vibrational path.
  • Ponder the vibration you wish to embody deep in your core.
  • Invite your Body Deva to activate the vibration that it years for in its own divine line.
  • Invite your Team to activate the vibrations that they year for in their own divine lines.
  • Activate the vibration that your Soul yearns for in your own divine line that runs down the front of your spine.

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User Comments

Aleya, I was wondering what the significance of the heels are? (. . . apart from the feet moving us forward). I just feel like floating, after listening to it.
Thank you for all your feedback! Aleya
Woke up feeling negative and unsure. This cup brought me back to a more grounded, focused and peaceful place. Much needed and appreciated!
2014 feels different already, Happy New Year to you Aleya. Looking forward to all that will unfold this year. Hugs to you.
Happy New Year! I recorded todays cup yesterday and it has a more focused potent feel to it. How does it feel? Any different?
What a beautiful 'high' to listen to and receive this wonderful meditation on New Years Day! Within it I found my New Year 2014 mantra: *Passion *Clarity *Support and *Joy!!! As always, thank you Aleya and team!
Happy New Year to you too...and to all of my fellow travelers on the Aleya path!!! Much love to all! Kim

Recorded 01/01/2014