7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find clarity in all areas of your life. Find direction and purpose.

Hold Awareness Appropriately

Use this cup to hold your awareness appropriately as a multi-dimensional being. When you hold too much of your awareness in the physical realm you can experience a flat, dull, joyless reality. When you allow that energetic aspect of you to hold your awareness in the higher realms as well as in the physical realm, vitality and joy bloom. Use this meditation to embrace the joy, passion, and support in the higher realms and allow for that energy to reflect to you here in this realm.

  • Energetically locate where you are holding the majority of your awareness.
  • Locate the realms where you are connecting with vital and vibrant energy.
  • Pull the appropriate amount of awareness out of the physical dimension and into the higher realms.
  • Adjust your perception mechanisms appropriately.
  • Light language activation and energetic adjustment.
  • Pull your awareness into your divine line. Travel up your divine line into a higher realm where you express yourself, and connect with your spiritual family, gifts, joy, and support.
  • Locate the abundance, support, joy, and fulfillment in that higher realm. Ground into that higher realm.
  • Gentle hold the appropriate awareness for yourself in the physical realm, while you simultaneously hold your awareness in a vibrant higher realm.
  • Invite your Body consciousness to hold it awareness in the appropriate realms as well.
  • Invite and allow for the energy in these higher realms to reflect into the physical realm in a way that supports and empowers you.


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I realize that the spell checking changed realms for dreams. Sorry about that.
November 5th 2013
I realize that the spell checking changed realms for dreams. Sorry about that.
November 5th 2013
Beautiful.thx. I heard this cup almost 6 times or more. In this moment of my life I feel very overwhelmed physical, emotional and tuning with the higher dreams. I got terrible back pain that I can hardly walk. I tune with my higher self, my body or deva higher self, my team, my spirit guides and my angelic dream. I visualize all the time of the energy of my higher self behind my back and the pain does not go away. I also tune my physical body, physical higher self with my angelic realms. Do you have any suggestion. In this last days I felt worst. I listen every day the cups including the tall cups. I will appreciate your suggestion and wisdom and learn what I am doing wrong or bad or maybe I did not understand. Despite that I am trying to deconstruct my mind and feel the different energy realms. Sorry for my English. If u can not understand I will try to explain better myself. I am in gratitude for this cups. It is a blessing in my life.
November 5th 2013
Spot on.
November 2nd 2013
Perfect!! Ever since the last Tall Cups when you mentioned the 80/20 ratio of where to put your attention, I've been practicing. This totally brings it home! All of your Daily Cups this week have been beyond beyond. What a week! And this one is a great beginning for this weekend.
Thank you! Thank You!
November 1st 2013
I liked the sounds (twinkly bells) at the very end of the meditation.
November 1st 2013