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Reflect with Compassion - 500 Feet Down

Use this Cup to reflect upon the past year or cycle with compassion and discernment, and hold appropriate expectations for yourself per the dimension you are expressing yourself in.  Often being in the physical dimension is like being 500 feet down in the Ocean.  There is a density, weight, and little clarity.  Use this Cup to calibrate your expectations appropriately.

  • Hold your awareness into your divine line.
  • Reference a dimension where you can sit with your Guides and advisors where you can gather information and calibrate your expectations for yourself in all dimensions where you are expressing yourself.
  • Light language to help you calibrate your of your expectations for your energetic self appropriately. 
  • Calibrate your fields and expectations for the physical realm appropriately.
  • Recognize how much work you are doing in the higher realms.
  • Release all disappointment and any sense of failure.
  • Be in gratitude for the anchor which enables you to do profound work in the higher realms.

May you reflect upon this last year with compassion and calibrate your expectations appropriately.

How does this Cup feel?



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Comments & Discussion

donna r
I'm in deep gratitude for acknowledging me/us for the work we have been doing in the higher realms. It brought tears to my eyes.
December 30th 2020
Your voice was very soothing on this meditation! Thank you for the explanation about what’s been going on for us here on earth And in the higher rooms. Brings comfort! Thank you Aleya🙏❤️
December 30th 2020
Very powerful message, so gently presented in Divine timing. Thank you Aleya. Happy New Year to all!
December 30th 2020
I love you! Thank you! I was so ready for this.
December 30th 2020
So needed today, (for many years) Ive come down hard on myself for all those things I have not done.
December 30th 2020
Calm Fortress
Loved this! Such an awesome 👌 message and so timely for the new year 😀! Also, Loved the crickets! , Ribitt Ribitt
December 30th 2020