Compassion, Love, Self-Love

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find compassion, release the judgment, and quiet the critic.

Be Only Attached to You Valuing You

This Cup is a combination of healthy co-creative behavior coupled with increasing a sense of self-worth. Often we want to value ourselves to a greater degree, but we can also be attached to others valuing themselves, and wanting them to value us. This tricky combination can increase empathic sensitivity and deteriorate our sense of self-worth. This Cup has layers, and opens the pineal gland, and the crown chakra. Enjoy....:) and share your thoughts and experience. 

  • Take a deep breath in. Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Explore the possibility that you are attached to other people valuing themselves.
  • When you get attached to another person valuing self.
  • Lift all of your attachment back to your own divine line.
  • Be only attached to you valuing your own light.
  • Invite your body and Team to do the same.
  • Return all responsibility for others valuing themselves.
  • Send appropriate energetic information.
  • Hold your vibrational fabric of you valuing self on yourself.
May you value you and model that as you move in the world.

Thoughts...when you value you, others value you to a greater degree. When you value yourself your sense of self-worth, self -ove, and confidence increase. It opens your energetic receptors to receive and you hold a higher, stronger, more coherent vibration.


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Comments & Discussion

That's a big one for me! Thank you very much for the tools, Aleya!
July 12th 2019
Love how I'm always bringing my focus back to my Divine Line and the pulse/bump of energy doing that brings! Thank you Aleya!
July 11th 2019
Exactly what I needed today. Thank you so much, Aleya. xo
July 10th 2019
Perfect for what is happening in my life at this point. Thank You . thank you
July 10th 2019