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Clean and Repair Your Energy Fields and Hold Stronger Bondaries

Get clean, clear, and strong with this Cup. One of the most loving things you can do for yourself and for others is to honor your own boundaries and keep your energy fields clean and clear. When our boundaries are strong and our fields are clean we can react from a place of greater compassion, love, and gentleness.

  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body deva, and Team to scan your energy fields.
  • Clean and clear your fields.
  • Sit in council with your angelic advisers and ponder how to hold your boundaries from a place of greater empowerment, integrity, and compassion.
  • Tones to assist the clearing and recalibration of boundaries.
  • Recalibrate your boundaries with vibrations of greater empowerment, clarity, discernment, and compassion.
  • Release all anger, irritation, or resentment as a way of holding a boundary.
In each breath may you hold empowered boundaries and react from a compassionate stance.

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User Comments

Powerful combination of toning and protocol to include body deva and team. Beautiful. Thank you.
This was very soothing and relaxing. Thank you!
This was a huge release! Thank you! It really was needed.
Powerful. Love the toning! Felt as if I was in an old European Cathedral surrounded by candles & peace. Evoked unfamiliar entities in HR. T/y
Thank you. My first meditation after registering and I am delighted
So needed this today.... listened 2x already. In Peace and Gratitude, Robin
Exactly what I needed today. Will use this one many more times. Thank you Aleya. xoxo
Thank you for today's protocol. It feels like, for me, it is a time to be silent and not put my thoughts out to the world outside -- and that is okay.
Thanks my body feels much better after listening to this!
Hi Aleya, don't quite understand what you mean by "use the energetic weather" and today's cup. Are these two separate downloads? blessings.

Recorded 02/03/2016