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Clear Frustration and Edge

Let go of the mini meltdown...

As we release old paths and behaviors, irritation, anger and upset can arise as a mechanism for clearing the old. Let go of the meltdowns and choose a more evolved way of dealing with energetic releases.

  • Ground
  • Identify behaviours and thoughts that no longer serve
  • Release old paths and ways of being
  • Clean and clear
Release old paradigms and allow them to move up and out.



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User Comments

This really helped get me out of a day of irritation and frustration. Worked super fast. Thank you!!
I forgot to tell you what I learned: do NOT "micro-manage" the Body Deva!!! :-) THANKS, again, Ruth :-)
THANK YOU so much for the link to your radio show interview. I learned something new...again! I hope everyone took advantage of the link. The information was GREAT!
Haha, I have been acting like a raving lunatic irritable spaz today, very out of character for me but WOW is it potent. Guess I am right on schedule with the energies! Thank you so much for these tools! Knowing it is part of the release helps me get calm and focus on the process rather than the reaction. Thank you!

Recorded 03/01/2013