Concierge Service with Aleya

4 Sessions - 1 hour and 30 min. Get in within 3 weeks. Daily and TALL Cups for 3 months. Signed Copy of Aleya's Book Seven Cups of Consciousness.

Immersion Intensive Series

Receive 5 Sessions one on one sessions that are one hour and 30 minutes in length with Aleya via phone or Zoom.

Includes a 3 Month Subscription to daily and tall cups if you are not yet a subscriber.

If you are a current subscriber you will receive a three month credit to your subscription.

I will also send you an autographed copy of my book if you have not already read the 7 Cups of Consciousness

You can schedule your first session within the next 3 weeks, possibly sooner.

You can schedule your sessions every week or two or every month or two.

Whatever works for you.

Immersion Intensive Series