Cups of Conscious Connection with Aleya and Doug

Download the Cups of Conscious Connection Sessions with Aleya Dao and Doug Noll

4th Cup of Conscious Connection with Doug and Aleya

This session can help you shift the energy of an argument, give you tools to re-negotiate, and stay in your own power as you navigate difficult conversations and relationships.

Learn healthy communication with others and how to stay balanced during times of conflict. Also how to respond in a non-reactive, compassionate stance when challenging another. 


  • Understand deconstruct, unpack proactive and insulting disrespectful angry conversations.
  • How to balance the desire to make a global change while living a over programmed life.
  • How to understand and respond to discursive positioning.
  • When you listen in a non-reactive way you can choose a response that is less likely to escalate the conversation into an argument.
  • How to deal with your needs and the needs of another.
  • How to energetically retrieve power
  • How to energetically respond to mean critical comments
  • How to remedy your own controlling behavior 
  • How to remedy the controlling behavior of another
  • What to do when you still feel someones energy on you after you have parted ways
Aleya and Doug share information, tools, and wisdom in a one hour video/audio recorded format.



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