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100. Align for the New Dawn TALL Cup

Clear the fear, release the suffering, find greater calm and support.

Incredibly gentle and deep.

22 layers


  • Safety: if you don’t feel safe you will not open to receive support, and won’t awaken to deeper inner currents of wisdom and mastery.
  • Invite your body deva’s higher self to return all responsibility for you the soul rider’s safety back to the soul rider.
  • Invite you the soul rider to return responsibility for the body to the body deva.
  • Invite your team to return responsibility that doesn’t belong to you back to the right and perfect place, and hold full responsibility for your own safety
  • Soul rider hold responsibility for your own safety at the level of your higher self
  • Activate frequencies of safety in your own independent divine lines
  • Send ancestor resources, support and safety grids back to them and bring in your own unique resource/support/safety grids
  • To receive, come into a place of stillness. Receive vertically and internally the gifts, wisdom, and mastery of your essence.
  • Allow past painful experiences to transform and recalibrate into a gentle awakening current to the light of your essence in your divine line
  • Allow your higher self to clear fear receptors on all levels
  • Activate the frequency of Hope to repair and open energetic receptors for receiving
  • Energetically reference the current of Sweetness from Heart of Earth, and gentle angelic Love, and awakening current activates the experience of your essence. Allow yourself to receive essence activation daily for the next six months.
  • Open to the frequencies of the new dawn that is breaking and allow yourself to align with the Light
  • Sit in council on higher levels to calibrate yourself on all levels to the doors that activate your greatest happiness
  • Lift and release all attachment and desire for your external reality. Retrieve responsibility for experiencing these frequencies in your divine line. Activate your desires in your divine line. Embody that reality in the higher realms.
  • Use any fear thoughts to flip into the spiritual lesson and your desires. Name the vibration and activate that vibration in your divine line.
  • Release your judgments and attachments you have on others. Use your higher self to lift attachments and judgments and only attach to your own vibrations flowing in your own divine line. Lift your creative energy off others, return it, recalibrate it, and wrap it on your own divine line. This creates a strong coherent field from which we model compassion.
  • Reference the new higher frequencies and reorient to this new higher terrain to recalibrate your grids for clarity, divine orientation. Locate a dimension where you, your body and team can communicate from a place of clarity, connection, love, joy, light and humor.
  • Recalibrate all orientation points on all levels to this new higher frequency.
This session is supportive, empowering, and has 22 layers, which means you can listen 22 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time. 


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User Comments

This arrived at the perfect time to smooth and revive from a huge jolt and return to my own vibrational awareness. So,so thankful Aleya, some of the words you used this time felt directly "spoken" to my situation, including the light language.
The most beautiful session. Full of pearls
this work has helped me so much - to feel joy in the present moment and to know I am not alone. I used to experience loneliness and do not now.Thank you.