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102. Prepare for the Leap and the Quickening TALL Cup

A supportive cleansing session

  • Anxiety, overwhelm is an indication that you need to increase your roots.
  • The energetics of the roots and magnetic energy fields. Fear, disbelief, skepticism, anger, jaded, or numb creates a discord and weakening in the magnetic root structure. Use the strength from your stubborn nature. Reference that strength and infuse it into your magnetics and roots. Amplify the strength in your divine cosmic loop from the root chakra down and on the back part of your loop back to the divine spark.
  • Invite your body deva to infuse strength into its roots and balance the electromagnetic frequencies within your microbes.
  • Invite your body deva’s higher self to reference your divine line and divine cosmic loop which is part of the divine cosmic loop of earth, use your higher self locate a higher dimension where you have the capacity to take the form of your favorite nature spirit that can will help you clean, clear and restructure your fields for your essence.
  • Body deva activates a deeper connection with its divine line to expand your connections on all levels.
  • Use your inhale to cultivate a deeper relationship with your essence. Use your exhale to ground and anchor.
  • Invite your body deva to lift reference points for identity off of belief systems and behaviors and bring them back to your divine line to remember it is going through an amazing transformation and awakening.  
  • Soul rider return responsibility for being grounded and manifesting in the physical dimension back to the body deva.
  • Body deva retrieve your responsibility for protection, safety, being grounded and manifesting through the abundant resource grids on Earth.
  • Body deva return responsibilities to the soul rider that belong to the soul rider.
  • Soul rider retrieve the responsibilities for the other dimensional terrains that belong to you.
  • Lift your reference points for stillness off the outer world and place them deep within your own divine line in every breath. Activate a stream of stillness, peace and calm in your divine cosmic loop to find clarity.
  • Let an energetic part of you, your body and team to find the path that is for you in the higher realm and move into right rhythm and a flow on that path. Synch between you, your body and team so you move forward in right timing and flow.
  • Receive the support and buffering of many in the angelic realm to increase your ability to serve.
  • Cultivate deeper respect and appreciation for the qualities you have attained that are flowing in your divine.
  • Lift your self-worth and self-confidence off everyone and everything and reference your inner qualities. Let the inner wisdom of divine line support and protect you.
  • Allow the angels to support you by creating strong empathic fields of coherence with the light that flows within them.
  • Allow the etheric nature spirits to extend greater support to your body deva by creating strong positive fields of coherence.
  • Return all energy fragments back where they belong in a whole and healed state, along with any useful information. Clean and clear your energy fields.
  • Cultivate peace, safety and connection in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Body deva cultivate peace and safety in your divine cosmic loop.
This session has 10 layers, which means you can listen 10 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time. 


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