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120. Enlightened PHD Essence Metamorphosis TALL Cup

Enlightened PHD Essence Metamorphosis TALL Cup

Intense, Layered, and Supportive

  • We are in a time of rebirth, gaining access to our essence
  • Planet is in an enlightenment phase for the next 200-300 years. 
  • Electrical grids coming in from above expand daily: solar flames, crown chakra openings, meditation. Must consciously expand the roots to match the expanded electrical.
  • Surrounded by technology which expands your electrical grid. 
  • Expand magnetics in Divine Spark. 
  • Soul rider locate your spark in the heart of source. Divine Spark balance the electrical and magnetic energies in your spark.
  • Body deva locate its divine spark in the heart of source and balance its electrical and magnetic frequencies. Maintain perfect balance.
  • Invite Earth at her divine spark level to balance her electrical and magnetic energies.
  • Body deva balance the electrical and magnetic fields of your microbes.
  • Body deva balance and align base chakra vertically and bring crystalline structures into the appropriate spin and flow for abundance, support, connect, flow, empowerment.
  • Expand the crystalline structures to match the light flow in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Pull your magnetic root grids into dimensions that provide an empowered connection and out of victim/victimizer cycles.
  • Be in the present moment to pull your resources into the now, pull them back from the future and out of the past into the now.
  • Create moments of total stillness to totally open to the present moment.
  • Body deva higher self locate all body deva resources and distribute them into the electrical and magnetic grids. Distribute 80% of resources in the magnetic roots.
  • Activate your unique creative current at your divine spark in your divine cosmic loop. This deepens the connection to your essence.
  • Distorted creative energy shows up as distorted behavior, lack of willpower. Clean, clear and realign creative current, dissolve distortions and bring into coherent harmonic stream. 
  • Release old grounding grids that are no longer appropriate.
  • Release struggle as an awakening mechanism. Grow and evolve consciously by choosing to embody necessary frequencies.
  • The more we grow the more self-love we have. The journey has less struggle. Invite your spiritual family to come close in a higher realm to access your higher self. Connect with your spiritual family to receive encouragement and release the struggle pattern in all areas of your life. Use highly evolved mechanisms to release the struggle pattern. Live in closer alignment to your essence and evolve using mechanisms that match your consciousness. 
  • Soul rider you have spent a lot of time cultivating the frequencies of your essence. Notice the first quality you sense in your divine line. Pull your energy into that place and hold your awareness there. Do this throughout the day to amplify more light within you. Use awareness of judgments to remind you to reconnect to your essence. Invite your Body deva and teams to do the same. Moves you into a more authentic and empowered stance. 

This session is intense, layered, supportive, & empowering, and has 15 layers, which means you can listen 15 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.


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