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139. Crystalline Support TALL Cup

139. Crystalline Support TALL Cup


Very Supportive and Cleansing

This TALL Cup focuses on....

  • Soul rider craft larger communication grids of support to receive pure crystalline downloads. 
  • Body deva increase grounding and magnetic roots.
  • Soul rider anchor yourself firmly on the front of the spine
  • As energetic downloads come in, old behaviors and grids fall away. Identify discordant grids which are not sustainable and will be shattering. 
  • Release discordant ancestral grids up and off of all levels of your being.
  • Body deva use elements of the nature kingdom to clear dissonance and release any beings that are not part of your core team.
  • Clear grids of dissonance off the energetic fields of the teams, and release any team members who don’t belong to your Team. 
  • Higher selves and teams craft new energetic grids that are in alignment with your wisdom, passion and mastery.
  • Protocol for identifying and processing grief from the past, and activate the vibration of the spiritual lesson.
  • Release distractions which are an energetic resistance to standing in your power and align with your wisdom, essence and mastery.
  • Release any power nuggets you are holding that are not yours.
This session is supportive, empowering, and has 15 layers, which means you can listen 15 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.


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