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156. Wrap Your Vibrational Fabric Around You TALL Cup

This session covers..

Wrap Your Vibrational Fabric Around You TALL Cup


Tall Cups Bullets

May 11, 2020


  • Body Deva will listen energetically the same way the mother and father did. The soul rider may listen in a way that is not in alignment.
  • Body Deva reference all listening mechanisms that don’t belong to you and release them. Craft and embrace your unique listening mechanism.
  • Soul rider release listening mechanisms that don’t work for you and embrace your own unique listening mechanisms.
  • Listen to the “good” and the “connected” to amplify those qualities in your life and tune into those resources.
  • Updating your communication mechanisms are key right now. Will help with better sleep and reduce overeating. 
  • Energetic information may come through ears, heart, gut.
  • Explore possibility that where you are on your journey is perfect. Release wanting to be further along than you are ready to handle. Stretching beyond your readiness will cause physical discomfort.
  • Bring yourself into the appropriate dimensional fabric that matches your current level of consciousness, that is perfect for you. Embrace the present and the qualities you love in your divine line. Amplify the gratitude for your current of light flowing in your divine line.
  • Release external attachments to getting needs met. Take one minute to determine qualities you want to flow in your divine line. Can’t slip into victimization when you are getting your needs met internally in your own divine cosmic loop. This is for soul rider, body and teams. Soul rider typically wants peace, calm, empowerment.
  • Keep your focus on your own inner world: strengthens your inner world. Reduces co-dependence. 
  • Our bodies are in a hardcore wake-up process. If you resist emotions or suppress emotions, you will experience physical pain. Practice holding a container for your body to feel the emotional waves. Body: ride the wave. This will take the pressure off the physical body.
  • Reference emotional bundles that are not yours and energetically return these bundles to their right and perfect place, along with appropriate information. Only process your own emotions.

This session is supportive, empowering, and has 15 layers, which means you can listen 15 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.


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So grateful for you Aleya. This was very powerful for me... I was in deep integration for a whole hour after listening to it in the middle of the day.