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109. Replenish, Release, and Receive TALL Cup

Potent, Supportive, Refreshing, and Empowering


We are in a time of deep inner and outer release. 2017 was an intense year of release for purification. Feelings of loss, disconnection, isolation, abandonment, which causes us to tighten up and not release. 

  • Inhale to receive. Exhale to release. The body deva is a master at releasing and receiving. This is the essence of the cycle of the earth. 
  • Invite earth to connect with your body deva to remind it of this cycle of flow. 
  • Soul rider calibrate belief systems to honor your flow and ability to receive and release in a gentle and graceful way in alignment with your essence.
  • Invite your teams to move into alignment with their flow.
  • Third chakra trust issues from placing trust externally creates resistance and distortion energetically. Retrieve trust nuggets from all external levels, clean and clear the trust nuggets, and run them in your divine cosmic loop in a balanced way. Only trust your divine spark in the heart of source. 
  • Use cleaning currents on the planet to release discordance: fear, lack, abandonment, lack of self worth, negativity. Infuse this low frequency energy with high frequencies that are the vibrations of the spiritual lesson and the mastery of this vibration.
  • Often we identify ourselves with our challenges. Lift reference points of your identity off the external and bring it back to your divine line. I am a beam of light. 
  • Move into greater coherence within your divine spark and radiate this out through your divine cosmic loop.
  • Body deva may be trying to get its power in discordant ways. Invite body deva to recognize these dis-empowered ways of getting power that aren’t working. Invite body deva to connect with Earth and itself in its fully actualized form to access its own power through its third chakra and to align with sounds, colors and tones.
  • Soul rider run your power in your divine line and divine cosmic loop to positively impact your body.
  • Be in the mastery of yearning and feel the emptiness, the void, the curiosity. Let go of attachment to the external. Allow higher selves to open to the higher frequency vibration, light, colors, sounds, that are becoming available, and radiate through your divine cosmic loops.
  • Allow this inner support to create an inner fullness and reflect into the external world. 
  • For the next 3 weeks when you notice you don’t have something you need in your outer world take a deep breath, invite higher self aspects of you to activate the frequencies of your desired vibrations within and then reflect to the outer world. 
  • Keep in mind that as we reach emptiness, it is a sign that we are almost ready to receive the new. Don’t engage the negative energy: ride the wave and let it go. Then it can transform.
  • Allow others to have their upset. Model right energy to them and send them appropriate information as you hold a strong coherent field within yourself. Have compassion, but no attachment. 

This session has 17 layers, which means you can listen 17 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time.


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I have listened to this lovely recording for almost 2 mos at this point, often at night while I sleep, and cannot begin to relate the deep effect this session is making in my life. And I love the homework! The phone alarm reminds me pay attention to my vibrational state and my connection to my inner support system, like monastic calls to prayer throughout the day. What joy that brings in the midst of the routines of daily life... thank you Aleya!
Most wonderful Tall Cup Session. Boy, I really needed every word of this empowering session. Thank you so much for bringing this one forward. I will be listening many many times to this one! Much Gratitude.m
No Longer Waiting to Exhale