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94. Get Clean and Clear and Back Into You TALL Cup

This session is deeply cleansing, supportive, and empowering.

  • Discern the sounds that you hold within and those you emit and then tune, harmonize and synch those sounds within you to align with your essence: wisdom, mastery and current level of consciousness. Same for body and team, but do this individually.
  • Invite your higher self, body deva’s higher self, and team to balance your light all across your divine cosmic loop
  • Soul riders identify your judgments and projections around receiving, deserving, wanting, passion (may not consciously know) and pull these off your body deva
  • Body deva release judgments and projections about wanting things that shut down your receptivity
  • Release all shame of all levels of your being
  • Tune into your desires. For souls this is about qualities. Identify the qualities you desire to attain in your divine line. The sound of the desire brings into appropriate harmonic frequency.
  • Invite your body to locate the dimensions where it can receive its greatest desires and to hold parts of its awareness in higher realms to enhance its receptivity. This triggers the reflection down into the physical dimension. The body has an etheric component to its being, which it forgets. Most body devas are focused on survival, protection, safety rather than thriving.
  • Invite your body deva to connect with the enlightened nature kingdom realm and join that enlightened group consciousness, releasing the physical dimension. As body holds more awareness in the higher realm it has access to higher frequencies of light that create healing and wholeness.
  • We are in a time of acceleration. The higher dimensions are holding more light than the physical. Hold awareness in higher realms using the light and clarity to first see there, align your energetic eyes and ears to the light and love and sounds of coherence to enhance your vision in the physical
  • Release all old mechanisms for finding clarity off all levels of your being
  • Locate enlightened mechanisms for finding clarity and weave these into your new grids
  •  As you hold more harmonic tones within you, body and team synchronize, harmonize and align your tones as a group
  • Identify discordant issues in your energetic systems that don’t shift because they don’t belong to them. Call forth ancestors into a safe loving space in the higher realms where they can retrieve their issues off you. You send them appropriate energetic information as you return their issues to them at the level of their higher selves where they can activate the spiritual lessons and the desired qualities in your divine lines. 

This session has 13 layers, which means you can listen 13 times if you wish, or just once. Your desires and intuition are your best guide. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing. Allow for integration in dream time. 

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User Comments

That was amazing!! Thank you so much aleya. That was so very much needed on my part!
WOW I agree.... excellent ...five stars. Thank You
Some how I missed the live session so I do appreciate you Aleya for getting the session up so fast. It seemed like it was live for me. Great Tall Cup helped clear some of my confusion about the here and now. More to clear great to do the atheric work for me, body and team and the ancestor peace. This is 5 stars. Thank you Aleya.
Crystal clean and clear.
physical is so stretched/tired...feeling lighter
My cats are addicted to listening to the morning cups...every morning they line up on the back of the couch. Such a sweet time of the day...
Excellent one! You hit intentions I didn't think about until now!