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96. Alignment, Empowerment, and Grace TALL Cup

Alignment, Empowerment, Grace TALL Cup Session 

  • Magnetic fields are shifting - realign
  • Allow for a deep release.death - energy of the serpent
  • deep clearing
  • Increase protection
  • when we are in a release we are open, sensitive, and vulnerable, overly reactive
  • Increase inner awareness for the key piece that needs to shift within you

Steps for empowerment

Retrieve ones power

return power that is not yours

take responsibility for your reality

control the vibrations flowing in your divine line

  • The energy right now is pushing us deep within to access a deeper power, self control, and self confidence
  • The outer world is triggering us to get feed up with the outer and go within
  • How to handle people who disagree with you, attack you. or are offended by your beliefs or actions
  • When you feel attacked  - that person is trying to take your power - they are holding other people’s power
  • Examine what they are doing and why - compassion reaction, anger just engages 
  • Heal traumas in previous incarnations - return all bits of theirs that you took in previous incarnations - we get triggered by others when we have bits if their on us from moments when we took it from them
  • Heal the inner child - protocol
  • Feeling like giving up - go deep within
  • Message from the Whales, Elephants and Earth counsel - empowerment



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Thank you Aleya for the PDF script. It is really helpful. This has been a very powerful Tall Cup. You answered so many questions and gave us the "how to's. With love and appreciation. Alicia
Love this Tall Cup... just perfect for me as always !
Wonderful! Thank you so much