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105. All Is Well TALL Cup

This is a supportive, cleansing, clearing session. 

This session can cause fatigue, it is layered, so, it is perfect to listen to right before bed.

  • Grids are shifting in multiple dimensions. It is overwhelming and disorienting. Some aspect of us are existing in higher dimensions, letting go of old ways of being, and forget we were a certain way. We can move into a new way of being. Remembering how we were in the past allows us to cling to the old ways.
  • Locate all the shifting dimensions in this universe where you are expressing yourself. Consciously release all discordant vibrations and misperceptions in the old grids, the old fabric that generate the old disempowered belief systems. I can’t do it. I’ll do tomorrow. Let old ways of being fall away.
  • Invite your higher self, body deva’s higher self and teams higher selves to link into the new higher vibrational harmonic grids and fabric, ways of being, actions, thought forms, feeling.
  • Lift your reference points out of the past and into the present moment, clean and clear your reference points, live in the clarity of the present moment, consciously connecting to the new harmonic grids.
  • Activate the crystalline grids of light on your divine line.
  • Holding energy in past or future dissipates the creativity that manifests our dreams.
  • Locate your focus, creativity, drive, wisdom, mastery that is held in past and/or future. Bring that passion, drive, intensity, creative current out of the past and future and back to this present breath of now. Kids have the ability to tap into infinite potentials in the present moment. Move back into this belief: Anything is possible.
  • When body struggles to awaken, wants to cultivate greater consciousness, it may create pain or disease, or inability to manifest, timing issues (manifesting issues the body normally has mastery of) to facilitate focus on awakening.
  • Invite your body deva’s higher self to identify all the challenges it is using to cultivate deeper awareness of its essence, and getting its core needs met. Cultivate a deeper level of connection with your essence, and activate the frequencies of your needs in your divine line. Release the old mechanisms for awakening.
  • Lift your reference points for connection off everything and everyone, and back to your essence through your divine line. Activate all desired frequencies in your divine line and allow it to be reflected into your physical experiences.
  • Collaborate through a stable dimension where all aspects of you, your body and teams can gather. Share energetic information and resources. Co-create at a group level.
  • As the body is exposed to higher frequencies and intense light through the quickening, the body deva needs to bring in energetic filters that assist in absorbing the light without being overwhelmed.
  • Invite your body deva’s higher self to locate an earth dimension that is supportive and stable and reflects the changes in an integrated way.
  • Invite the Ascended Masters to model to you how to go deeper into the light of your essence.
  • Activate the vibration of peace in the divine lines of you, your body and teams.
  • Use your resources in magical realms to awaken in a healthy and balanced way.

There are 17 layers in this session. Which means you can listen 17 times if you wish. Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing.


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Aleya! Fist of all, I love you and thank you! what a Gift! I have listened to All Is Well five times and it is true each session does its work. I am new to this and feel so uplifted and supported. Elizabeth
I got the audio of your book after reading the book and found it POWERFUL to listen to YOU read YOUR book! You have a great voice!
Thank you.